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Aethelred II Last Small Cross Type Penny

(REF: 59HK7G)

Aethelred II (978 – 1016 AD) Last Small Cross Type Penny; Bedford, Leofwine. 1.42g. 19.25mm. (N. 777 var., S. 1154 var.). REF: 59HK7G. Obverse: Cloaked diademed bust left, inscription around +ÆDELRÆD REX ANGL: Reverse: Cross patée, quatrefoil of pellets in field, inscription around +LEOFPINE M¯O BEDFO A strong obverse, but with pecks, double-striking, a minute edge crack at 10.30 and weakness to… Read more »

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Edward the Confessor Pointed Helmet Type Penny


Edward the Confessor (1042 – 1066 AD) Pointed Helmet Type Penny; Steyning, Wulfric.  1.27g. 21.00mm. (N. 825, S. 1179). REF: AZFUVF. Obverse: Helmeted bust right, cross type sceptre to right, inscription around +EDREI DREX. Reverse: Voided long cross with central circle, limbs terminating in trefoil design at the inscription around +PVLFRIC ON STÆ Struck on a full and flat flan… Read more »

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Plegmund Two Line Type Penny


Plegmund (890 – 923 AD) Two Line Type Penny; Danelaw Imitation, Bvrved. 1.39g. (N. 253, S. 974). REF: E2XXDE. Obverse: Central cross, retrograde inscription around +PLEGEMVN DORO. Reverse: A single central pellet dividing inscription BVRV / EDMO, single pellets above and below at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock. Silver/grey and of good metal without defects.  Very rare,… Read more »

Price: £4,150 Status: Sold

Edward the Confessor Facing Bust Type Penny


Edward the Confessor (1042 – 1066 AD) Facing Bust Type Penny; Northampton, Ælfwine. 1.05g. (N. 830, S. 1183). REF: ZUMUM4. Obverse: Cloaked crowned bust facing, inscription around +EADPARD REX AN. Reverse: Central small cross pattée, inscription around +ÆLFPINE ON HAM A beautiful example, clear, and with a lovely grey and gold tone. A choice coin. Exceptionally rare, only… Read more »

Price: £1,200 Status: Sold

Edward the Confessor Hammer Cross Type Penny

(REF: 6LT93F)

Edward the Confessor (1042 – 1066 AD) Hammer Cross Type Penny; Northampton, Saewine. 1.28g. (N. 828, S. 1182). REF: 6LT93F. Obverse: Cloaked crowned bust right, sceptre with quatrefoil cross to right, inscription around +EADPA RDREX. Reverse: Voided short cross each limb with hammerhead ends, additional pellet in second quarter, inscription around +SÆPINE ON HAMT Of good metal and… Read more »

Price: £695 Status: Sold