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Burgred Lunettes Type Penny


Burgred (c. 852 – 874 AD) Lunettes ‘A’ Type Penny; Mercia. 1.31g. (N. 423, S. 938). REF: FTC16P. Obverse: Diademed bust right, wire circle around, BVRGRED REX. Reverse: Central inscription CVDhERE, unbroken lunettes top and bottom containing MON and ETA respectively. Full flan, good metal, and a rich light grey tone with a hint of green and purple. Good in… Read more »

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Primary Sceatta, Aethelred of Mercia


Primary Sceatta (c 680 – 710 AD); Aethelred of Mercia (attributed). 1.11g. (N. 155, S. 780). REF: HOVZSM. Obverse: Crude head right formed of an arc surmounted by a comb of quills, three lines below. Reverse:  Runic script ÆTHIL RÆD over two lines separated by a horizontal bar, RÆD inverted; all within two pellet circles. Small thick flan of good metal,… Read more »

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Continental Sceatta; Series E, VICO

(REF: IM1402)

Continental Sceatta; Series E, VICO. 1.25g. (N. 45 var., S. 790V var.). REF: IM1402. Obverse: Crude head right formed of an arc surmounted by a comb of quills, cross and lines below. Reverse:  Annulet centre surrounded by pellets and lines all within a beaded square bounded by crude runic symbols (degraded ‘VICO’). A chunky example of good silver, with… Read more »

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Edward the Elder Two Line Type Penny

(REF: 4521MN)

Edward the Elder (899 – 924 AD) Two Line Type Penny; HT1, Winchester, Athelwulf. 1.61g. (N. 649, S. 1087). REF: 4521MN. Obverse: Central cross-pattée, inscription around +EADVVEARD REX. Reverse: Two dots above and one below, central line of three cross-pattée dividing inscription AĐEL / VULFMO. Big flan, full weight, crisp strike and clean fields; lightly toned silver… Read more »

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Kingdom of Northumbria, Wigmund AE Styca


Kingdom of Northumbria, Wigmund (837 – 850 AD) AE Styca; Phase II Group A, York, Coenred. 1.31g. (N. 196, S. 871). REF: VZ4V5B. Obverse: Central cross-pattée, inscription around: +WIGMVND IP EP. Reverse: Central cross-pattée, +COENRED around. Nice gold and brown toning, verdigris free. Extremely fine.

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