Aethelstan I of East Anglia Penny

Aethelstan I of East Anglia (c. 825 – 840 AD) Non-Portrait Type Penny. 1.30g. 19.00mm. (N. 439, S. 950). REF: GCVXAO.

Obverse: Central A with bar above, inscription around +EDEL•STAN. Reverse: Central ω with bar and two pellets above, inscription around +R•EX•A•NG

A well-centered strike but with some porosity. Very rare, the EMC and SCBI databases reference just 15 examples. This coin has an obverse die match with EMC: 1002.0415 (SCBI: 2/415, Huntarian Museum Glasgow) of type N. 440. See Naismith, R., ‘The Coinage of Southern England 796-865’ (2011), pp. 336-339 and Plate 86 (this coin E32.1z). Good fine.


Spink Numismatic Circular October 1993, no. 7117; SNC February 1996, no. 123; SNC March 1997, no. 756 (with Spink & Son ticket).

Price: £1,850 Status: Sold