Coins for Sale: Anglo-Saxon Period

Edward the Confessor Hammer Cross Type Penny

(REF: 6LT93F)

Edward the Confessor (1042 – 1066 AD) Hammer Cross Type Penny; Northampton, Saewine. 1.28g. (N. 828, S. 1182). REF: 6LT93F. Obverse: Cloaked crowned bust right, sceptre with quatrefoil cross to right, inscription around +EADPA RDREX. Reverse: Voided short cross each limb with hammerhead ends, additional pellet in second quarter, inscription around +SÆPINE ON HAMT Of good metal and… Read more »

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Cnut Quatrefoil Type Penny


Cnut (1016 – 1035 AD) Quatrefoil Type Penny; Maldon, Aelfwine. 0.95g. (N. 781, S. 1157). REF: MEVE8R. Obverse: Draped, crowned bust left, inscription around +CNVT REX ANGLOR. Reverse: Voided long cross limbs terminating at the edge, each quarter intersected by two curves and a dot making up a central quatrefoil, around +ÆLP / INE:: / ON M / ÆLDV The EMC… Read more »

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Cnut Short Cross Type Penny

(REF: 8CL1U0)

Cnut (1016 – 1035 AD) Short Cross Type Penny; Colchester, Wulfwine. 1.09g. (N. 790, S. 1159). REF: 8CL1U0. Obverse: Diademed bust left, trefoil type sceptre to left, inscription around +CNVT RECXA∴ Reverse: Voided short cross with central circle, limbs terminating at the inscription around +PVLFPINE ON COL•A. Lightly toned and of good metal, but with a… Read more »

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Eadgar Circumscription Cross Type Penny

(REF: I3H54K)

Eadgar (959 – 975 AD) Circumscription Cross Type Penny; Northampton, Durand.  1.43g. (N. 749, S. 1135). REF: I3H54K. Obverse: Central cross-pattée, inscription around +AEDGAR REX ANG (N and G ligate). Reverse: Central cross-pattée, inscription around +DVRAND T ES Mo HA; the T in the legend styled as a Thor’s hammer, and mirrored by a not dissimilar… Read more »

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Eadgar Two Line Type Penny


Eadgar (959 – 978 AD) Two Line Type Penny; NEV, York, Heriger. 1.21g. (N. 741, S. 1129). REF: YDGJK8. Obverse: Central cross-pattée, inscription around +EADGAR REX∴ Reverse: Trefoil of pellets above and below, central line of three cross-pattée dividing inscription HERIG / ER HO· A good example from the hoard found at Tetney in 1945. On a neat flan of good metal, and… Read more »

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