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Cnut Quatrefoil Type Penny


Cnut (1016 – 1035 AD) Quatrefoil Type Penny; London, Bruman. 1.17g. (N. 781 var., S. 1157 var.). REF: M0WHCF. Obverse: Draped, crowned bust left, inscription around +CNVT REX ANGLOR: quatrefoil of pellets behind bust. Reverse: Voided long cross limbs terminating at the inscription, each quarter intersected by two curves and a dot making up a central quatrefoil, additional single pellets and… Read more »

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Kingdom of Northumbria, Eanred AR Styca


Kingdom of Northumbria, Eanred (810 – 841 AD) Base AR Styca; Phase 1a, York,  Eadwine. 1.28g. (N. 186, S. 860). REF: FOE6IO. Obverse: Central pellet within beaded circle +EANRED REX around. Reverse: Central pellet within beaded circle, +EADVINI around. A lovely example, good metal and a sharp strike; hairline (old) striking crack at 1pm. Choice, extremely fine.

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Kingdom of Northumbria, Alchred Sceatta

(REF: Q3U7C2)

Kingdom of Northumbria, Alchred (765 – 774 AD) Sceatta. 1.01g. (N. 179, S. 849). REF: Q3U7C2. Obverse: Rampant ‘dragon’ facing right within pellet circle, cross-pommée below. Reverse: Central cross-pommée, part retrograde inscription around: ALCHRED, all within pellet circle. Listed as extremely rare by North. Once cleaned and now lightly toned, minor ancient chip at 7 o’clock, good metal… Read more »

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Edward the Confessor Hammer Cross Type Penny


Edward the Confessor (1042 – 1066 AD) Hammer Cross Type Penny; Hastings, Brid. 1.31g. (N. 828, S. 1182). REF: NLZATP. Obverse: Cloaked crowned bust right, sceptre with trefoil cross to right, inscription around +EADPA RD RE. Reverse: Voided long cross each limb terminated by a curved line ending in a pellet, inscription around +BRID: ON HÆSTI. Struck from… Read more »

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Aethelred II Helmet Type Penny


Aethelred II (978 – 1016 AD) Helmet Type Penny; London, Eadwold. 1.46g. (N. 775, S. 1152). REF: EP0F1G. Obverse: Chain-mail armoured crowned bust left, inscription around +ÆĐELRÆD REX ANGL (N and G ligate). Reverse: Voided long cross expanding from a central pellet within a square, each corner of the square surmounted by three pellets, inscription around +EAD /… Read more »

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