Cnut Pointed Helmet Type Penny

Cnut (1016 – 1035 AD) Pointed Helmet Type Penny; London, Leofman. 0.92g. 18.00mm. (N. 787, S. 1158). REF: Q9HFTF.

Obverse: Helmeted cloaked bust left, trefoil type sceptre to left, inscription around +CNV T  R•ECX∴ Reverse: Voided short cross extending from double-circle with pellet centre, pellet within broken circle devices in each quarter; inscription around +L•EOMMAN ON LVND

A good example with a characterful portrait. Uniform silver-grey toning. Same reverse die as EMC: 1014.2829 (SCBI: 14/2829, Royal Collection Copenhagen). VF+.

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