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Aethelred II Long Cross Type Penny


Aethelred II (978 – 1016 AD) Long Cross Type Penny; Bath, Aelfric.  1.72g. (N. 774, S. 1151). REF: ITPQUX. Obverse: Draped portrait left, inscription around +ÆĐELRÆD REX AIGLOI. Reverse: Voided long cross each limb terminated by a trefoil of crescents, inscription around +·ÆL / FRIC / MΩO / BAĐ. An exceptional example from a sought-after mint; just about as good as they come: peck and… Read more »

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Alfred the Great Two Line Type Penny


Alfred the Great (871 – 899 AD) Two Line Type Penny; Third Coinage, Mercia, Cuthberht. 1.48g. (N. 637, S. 1066). REF: YK4RTV. Obverse: Central cross, inscription around +ÆLF ED RE. Reverse: Central line of a single central pellet, and pellet trefoils at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, dividing inscription CVDB / ERNT. A clear strike, of sound metal, and… Read more »

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St Edmund Memorial Type Penny


St Edmund Memorial (c. 885 – 915 AD) Type Penny; Viking East Anglia, Onnonia. 1.35g. (N. 483, S. 960). REF: GALAVD. Obverse: Central letter A within wire circle, inscription around +SCEADMVNI. Reverse: Cross within wire circle, inscription around +ONHONAIIAII. A really good coin: flat, well centred, excellent metal, pleasant toning, and a sharp strike. Same dies as EMC: 1002.0431 (SCBI: 2/431, Huntarian Museum,… Read more »

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Eadgar Two Line Type Penny


Eadgar (959 – 978 AD) Two Line Type Penny; NEV, York, Man. 1.27g. (N. 741, S. 1129). REF: HAY3EG. Obverse: Central cross-pattée, inscription around +EADG•A•R REX‾∴ Reverse: Trefoil of pellets above and below, central line of three cross-pattée dividing inscription WAN / •AH NO. A pleasant nicely toned coin. The crescent and trefoil privy mark on the obverse appears to be the only so-marked example… Read more »

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Eadmund Two Line Type Penny

(Ref: J72G45)

Eadmund (939 – 946 AD) Two Line Type Penny; HC2, Eadred. 1.52g. (N. 693, S. 1105). REF: J72G45. Obverse: Central cross-pattée, inscription around +EADMVND REX. Reverse: cross-pattée above and below, central line of a cross-pattée flanked by two annulets dividing inscription EADR / EDMO. Uniform grey tone, good metal, slight crinkle to centre. An extremely rare variety, three examples… Read more »

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