September 2018: In something of a break with tradition several Romano-British bronzes will be added to the ‘Coins from Other Eras’ tab from mid-September onwards, these including a group of crisp coins of Carausius, Maximianus, Licinius and the Constantinian dynasty. Two rare 10th C. Viking coins will also be posted up, returning the focus to (roughly) where it should be!


August 2018: Look out for several choice and scarce late Saxon pennies being added to the Web site at the start of September, including rare Cnut pennies from the East-Anglian mints of Maldon and Colchester, and three pennies of Edward the Confessor (all of different types) from Steyning and Northampton. Joining them will be a trio of sceattas, two southern, and one a very rare example of the Northumbrian king Aldfrith.