Aethelred II Last Small Cross Type Penny

Aethelred II (978 – 1016 AD) Last Small Cross Type Penny; Bedford, Leofwine. 1.42g. 19.25mm. (N. 777 var., S. 1154 var.). REF: 59HK7G.

Obverse: Cloaked diademed bust left, inscription around +ÆDELRÆD REX ANGL: Reverse: Cross patée, quatrefoil of pellets in field, inscription around +LEOFPINE M¯O BEDFO

A strong obverse, but with pecks, double-striking, a minute edge crack at 10.30 and weakness to the reverse. A scarce variant from a scarce mint. Obverse and reverse die match, EMC: 1065.1097 (SCBI: 65/1097, Norwegian Collections, Part 1, Anglo-Saxon Coins to 1016). VF/F. 

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