Viking York Cnut Halfpenny

Viking York (c. 890 – 910 AD) Cnut Halfpenny; Danish Northumbria. 0.56g. 15.00mm. (N. 520, S. 995). REF: KS1P2K.

Obverse: Carolus monogram within beaded central circle, inscription around +CVN::NET::TI∴ Reverse: Central inverted patriarchal cross, four pellets around lower cross, CNVT at the end of each cross limb, R E X ∴ between.

A fine example of something every collector of the period must surely hanker after – a halfpenny! Obverse dies match EMC: 1004.0527 (SCBI: 4/527, Royal Collection Copenhagen) and EMC: 1029.0354 (SCBI: 29/354, Merseyside County Museums). A nice VF.


H. A. Parsons Collection Part II, Glendining, 11th – 13th May 1954, lot 119 (illus.). Seaby Coin and Medal Bulletin November 1958 (5558), Spink 1968 (with old collectors ticket).

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