Plegmund Two Line Type Penny

Plegmund (890 – 923 AD) Two Line Type Penny; Danelaw Imitation, Bvrved. 1.39g. (N. 253, S. 974). REF: E2XXDE.

Obverse: Central cross, retrograde inscription around +PLEGEMVN DORO. Reverse: A single central pellet dividing inscription BVRV / EDMO, single pellets above and below at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock.

Silver/grey and of good metal without defects.  Very rare, of 9 examples of the type recorded in the EMC and SCBI databases just 2 are of a similar type (retrograde obverse legend, single pellets on the reverse) Very fine.


Spink Numismatic Circular, February 1970 (1399)

The form, weight and retrograde legend indicate this coin was manufactured in the Danelaw, either in the last years of Alfred’s reign, or during the early part of his son’s reconquest of a large swathe of Viking held territory, this leading up to the recapture of York in 927 AD. 

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