Harold I Jewel Cross Type Penny

Harold I (1035 – 1040 AD) Jewel Cross Type Penny; Northampton, Aelfwine. 1.17g. (N. 802, S. 1163). REF: IA0WBD.

Obverse: Diademed jewelled bust left wearing chain-mail, inscription around +HAROLD RECX. Reverse: Four lobes cruciform radiating from a central annulet, each lobe linked outside the annulet, inscription around +ÆLFPINE ON HAMTV:

Choice. Great metal, pleasing silver-gold tone, and a sharp even strike. One peck on the reverse. Extremely rare mint for the type. Same dies as EMC: 1040.0481 and EMC: 1040.0482 (SCBI: 40/0481 and 40/0482, Royal Cabinet Stockholm). Good very fine.


R.C. Lockett IV, Glendining, 26th-27th April 1960, lot 3776.

Price: £2,250 Status: For Sale