Harold I Fleur de Lis Type Penny

Harold I (1035 – 1040 AD) Fleur de Lis Type Penny; Northampton, Aelfwine. 1.00g. (N. 803a, S. 1164). REF: E02PMS.

Obverse: Helmeted bust left wearing chain-mail, trefoil sceptre to left, weakly struck inscription around. Reverse: Voided long cross with central pellet, each quarter centre containing a trefoil device flanked by pellets, inscription around +ÆLF / PINE / ONH / AMT.

On a small, round, slightly lipped flan characteristic of this type. A good portrait, but weak obverse legend. Excellent metal, nice silver-grey tone with light iridescence. Rare mint. Almost very fine.


Baldwin, 1989 (with A. H. Baldwin ticket written by Elmore Jones).

Price: £1,600 Status: For Sale