Eadmund Two Line Type Penny

Eadmund (939 – 946 AD) Two Line Type Penny; HR1, Winuc. 1.05g. 21.00mm. (N. 691, S. 1105). REF: UN8TZB.

Obverse: Central cross-pattée, inscription around +o EADMVND REX (M and second E inverted, N without diagonal). Reverse: Rosettes above and below, central line of three cross-pattée dividing inscription PINV/ CIVIO

Struck on a full flan without faults and with an even grey/brown tone. Reverse die matches with EMC: 1034.0455 and 1034.0456 (SCBI: 34/455 and 34/456, British Museum). The blundered obverse legend and lower weight suggest the coin is a contemporary copy. gVF.

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