Eadgar Two Line Type Penny

Eadgar (959 – 978 AD) Two Line Type Penny; NEV, York, Heriger. 1.21g. (N. 741, S. 1129). REF: YDGJK8.

Obverse: Central cross-pattée, inscription around +EADGAR REX∴ Reverse: Trefoil of pellets above and below, central line of three cross-pattée dividing inscription HERIG / ER HO·

A good example from the hoard found at Tetney in 1945. On a neat flan of good metal, and with a pleasant even grey tone. Tiny abrasion flaw by the E of ‘REX’ only seen under 8x magnification. The obverse die matches coins held by the National Museum of Antiquities Scotland and the British Museum, and both dies match EMC: 1006.0444 and 1006.0446 (SCBI: 6/444 and 6/446, National Museum of Antiquities Scotland). About very fine, reverse better.


Tetney Hoard (316), Lincolnshire, May 1945; A. H. Baldwin circa 1946 (with ticket written by A. H. F. Baldwin).

Part of the Tetney hoard, see John Walker, ‘A Hoard of Anglo Saxon Coins from Tetney Lincolnshire’, Numismatic Chronicle, Sixth Series, Vol 5, pp. 81-95. This coin: no. 316, 18.2 grains. 

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