Coenwulf Tribrach Type Penny

Coenwulf (796 – 821 AD) Tribrach Type Penny; Canterbury, Seberht. 1.39g. (N. 342, S. 914). REF: PHJZVA.

Obverse: Central barred uncial M (Mercia), enclosed by beaded circle, legend +COENV.VL:FR·EX around, beaded outer edge.  Reverse: ·SE / BE / RHT in the angles of a two line moline (HT ligate), pellets at the base of each angle.

A nice example, pleasantly toned grey/silver highlights and silver/cream relief. A little mottled toning on the reverse, a dent at 2 o’clock centre, and light corrosion on the dent on the reverse. Very fine.

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