Cnut Quatrefoil Type Penny

Cnut (1016 – 1035 AD) Quatrefoil Type Penny; Lincoln, Aelfnoth. 0.83g. 18.75mm. (N. 781, S. 1157). REF: OC79NJ.

Obverse: Draped, crowned bust left, inscription around +CNVT REX ANGLORVI. Reverse: Voided long cross limbs terminating at the edge, each quarter intersected by two curves and a dot making up a central quatrefoil, cross-pattée in fourth quarter, around +ÆL / FNO / Đ MO / LINC (N and C ligate).

Lightly toned silver, peck and fault free metal. A clear and well-centered strike. gVF.

‘Lincoln, middle period’ die style; see ‘Regional Die-Production in Cnut’s Quatrefoil Issue’, Blackburn M and Lyon S., in Anglo-Saxon Monetary History, ed. Blackburn M., pp. 236 – 238.

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