Cnut Quatrefoil Type Penny

Cnut (1016 – 1035 AD) Quatrefoil Type Penny; Maldon, Aelfwine. 0.95g. (N. 781, S. 1157). REF: MEVE8R.

Obverse: Draped, crowned bust left, inscription around +CNVT REX ANGLOR. Reverse: Voided long cross limbs terminating at the edge, each quarter intersected by two curves and a dot making up a central quatrefoil, around +ÆLP / INE:: / ON M / ÆLDV

The EMC and SCBI record just 13 quatrefoil examples for Maldon, 7 of them by Aelfwine. Obverse die as EMC: 1015.3116 (SCBI: 15/3116, Royal Collection Copenhagen). Lightly toned, peck and fault free silver, and with a strong and characterful portrait. gVF.

Blackburn and Lyon suggest all dies used to manufacture Maldon mint quatrefoil type pennies were cut either at the Thetford or London mints. This particular coin belongs to ‘London, class C1’. 

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