Cnut Short Cross Type Penny

Cnut (1016 – 1035 AD) Short Cross Type Penny; Colchester, Wulfwine. 1.09g. (N. 790, S. 1159). REF: 8CL1U0.

Obverse: Diademed bust left, trefoil type sceptre to left, inscription around +CNVT RECXA∴ Reverse: Voided short cross with central circle, limbs terminating at the inscription around +PVLFPINE ON COL•A.

Lightly toned and of good metal, but with a little weakness and double striking in parts of the legend. Dies as EMC: 1013.0277 (SCBI: 13/0277, Royal Collection Copenhagen). A very scarce mint for the type, very fine or better.

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