Aethelstan Circumscription Cross Type Penny

Aethelstan (924 – 939 AD) Circumscription Cross Type Penny; London, Liofhelm.  1.63g. (N. 672, S. 1093). REF: 3QIPI1.

Obverse: Central cross-pattée, inscription around +ÆĐELSTAN REX TOT BRIT. Reverse: Central cross-pattée, inscription around +LIOFHELM MO LVND CIVITT.

Full flan, full weight, nice silver tone, well struck. Scratches to centre left on both sides. A good example. Rare, extremely rare moneyer for the type, one coin listed in the EMC: 1034.0086 (SCBI: 34/86, British Museum). Good very fine.

The vast bulk of the surviving coins of this type were produced in Northern mints. London mint coins are few and far between.

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