Coins for Sale: Anglo-Saxon Period

Aethelred II Long Cross Type Penny


Aethelred II (978 – 1016 AD) Long Cross Type Penny; Stamford, Eadwig. 1.15g. 19.00mm. (N. 774, S. 1151). REF: 5BC0ZY. Obverse: Draped portrait left, inscription around +ÆĐELRÆD REX ANGL. Reverse: Voided long cross each limb terminated by a trefoil of crescents, inscription around +EA / DPI / M·O / STA This is one of those… Read more »

Price: £375 Status: Reserved

Harold I Jewel Cross Type Penny


Harold I (1035 – 1040 AD) Jewel Cross Type Penny; Northampton, Aelfwine. 1.17g. (N. 802, S. 1163). REF: IA0WBD. Obverse: Diademed jewelled bust left wearing chain-mail, inscription around +HAROLD RECX. Reverse: Four lobes cruciform radiating from a central annulet, each lobe linked outside the annulet, inscription around +ÆLFPINE ON HAMTV: Choice. Great metal, pleasing silver-gold tone, and a sharp… Read more »

Price: £2,250 Status: For Sale

Coenwulf Tribrach Type Penny


Coenwulf (796 – 821 AD) Tribrach Type Penny; Canterbury, Seberht. 1.39g. (N. 342, S. 914). REF: PHJZVA. Obverse: Central barred uncial M (Mercia), enclosed by beaded circle, legend +COENV.VL:FR·EX around, beaded outer edge.  Reverse: ·SE / BE / RHT in the angles of a two line moline (HT ligate), pellets at the base of each angle. A nice… Read more »

Price: £2,750 Status: For Sale

Edward the Confessor Pointed Helmet Type Penny


Edward the Confessor (1042 – 1066 AD) Pointed Helmet Type Penny; Colchester, Deorman.  1.32g. (N. 825, S. 1179). REF: VY2D5G. Obverse: Helmeted bust right, cross type sceptre to right, inscription around +EDPER DREX. Reverse: Voided long cross with central circle, limbs terminating in trefoil design at the inscription around +DEORMAN ON COLECE. An excellent portrait illustrating the spangheim helmet with… Read more »

Price: £1,390 Status: For Sale

Harold I Fleur de Lis Type Penny


Harold I (1035 – 1040 AD) Fleur de Lis Type Penny; Northampton, Aelfwine. 1.00g. (N. 803a, S. 1164). REF: E02PMS. Obverse: Helmeted bust left wearing chain-mail, trefoil sceptre to left, weakly struck inscription around. Reverse: Voided long cross with central pellet, each quarter centre containing a trefoil device flanked by pellets, inscription around +ÆLF / PINE / ONH /… Read more »

Price: £1,600 Status: For Sale