Coins for Sale: Early Pennies

Coenwulf Tribrach Type Penny


Coenwulf (796 – 821 AD) Tribrach Type Penny; Canterbury, Seberht. 1.39g. (N. 342, S. 914). REF: PHJZVA. Obverse: Central barred uncial M (Mercia), enclosed by beaded circle, legend +COENV.VL:FR·EX around, beaded outer edge.  Reverse: ·SE / BE / RHT in the angles of a two line moline (HT ligate), pellets at the base of each angle. A nice… Read more »

Price: £2,750 Status: For Sale

Eadred Two Line Type Penny


Eadred (946 – 955 AD) Two Line Type Penny; HR1, North-Western Mint, Hreitharr (?). 1.31g. 21.50mm. (N. 707, S. 1113). REF: 0MKHK6. Obverse: Central cross-pattée, retrograde inscription around +EADRED RE. Reverse: Rosettes above and below, central line of three cross-pattée, dividing part retrograde inscription REEP / EZ MR Full and flat flan, attractive dark grey cabinet… Read more »

Price: £1,475 Status: Sold